Monday, August 3, 2009

A Handful of Firsts

First of all, Happy Birthday to my sweet Lexi! It's her First Birthday today! I can't believe how fast it's gone. I'm sure I'll do a birthday post once we have pictures from tonight's party and such. But, until's been a busy summer, and Lexi has had a lot of OTHER firsts. (Beware...lots of pictures to follow):

Lexi's first Fireworks! On the 4th of July, we got together with some neighbor friends for dinner and fireworks. We had a ball! We didn't get any pictures of the fireworks, but Lexi definitely liked them. She wasn't scared of the noise at all. She actually really likes loud noises. But, even though the fireworks were awesome, she seemed to be most interested in her glow-stick bracelet and necklace she was given that night. Whatever works, right?

First time swimming - for Jacob's Squire work party, we got to go to the Scera pool. We brought Alexia's floaty-thing, of course. Got her all dressed up, and took her in the shallow water. She LOVED it! She wasn't scared of the water at all. She kept trying to drink it, and seemed to be perfectly relaxed with us! It was so fun to take her swimming for the first time!

She was pointing at one of the water-squirter things. Someday when she's bigger, I'm sure she'll have a ball getting water dumped on her head.
Water is starting to get cold...
I love this shot. Such a mischevious little grin...

In mid-July, we had our Partridge side family campout, and we went up to Mantua Reservoir - up by Brigham City. Lexi got to go walking in the edge of the reservoir, and loved it. She got in her floaty again. But, mostly, she loved playing in the sand. She only ate a handful of sand once - then she learned she didn't like it so much. She played and played in the sand forever!!! So fun!

She only ate sand once. She realized it's not all it's cracked up to be, and she didn't eat any more!!!

We've gotten to take Alexia camping twice so far this summer. It's hard to take a little one camping. Nap schedules get off. The nights were colder than we expected. Bugs eat us alive. But, Lexi seemed to have fun. She loves being outdoors, especially with her daddy.

No! Don't take the tent down with me inside!!!
Walking practice. (Now, she's walking one-handed, and occasionally a step or two falling into the couch. I bet she'll walk any day now!)

One more first we got to do this summer was Lexi's first bikeride. We bought a bike trailer, so we can go on rides with Jacob towing her, and me riding beside. We took her around the block a couple of times, and rode to the church and back another time. She loves this thing!

Well, that's all (for now) folks!!!