Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Great Belly!

Let's take a journey with Becca through pictures, shall we?


About 20 Weeks

About 28 weeks

It's poppin' time!

Nursury Pictures

For the one or two of you who are interested...

If I haven't convinced you yet that Becca has gone crazy with her pregnancy, think about this. She spent hours and hours and hours fixing up the nursury. I mean all you really need is a crib and a few boxes to store clothes in, right? The shadow boxes were hand painted only after hours of agonizing over the perfect arrangements and colors. I believe one or two of them didn't meet the standard and had to be repainted - numerous times.

Becca also hand made the curtains. Later we found some that were very similar at Wal Mart for less than we spent on the fabric. But our curtains have a little space on the end so that they can overlap. Beat that Wal-Mart!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Getting ready for baby

Becca is nearing the end of her pregnancy--and feeling it. Although she is still having fun. In fact, the "great belly!" has become very useful as a place to stop spills from hitting the floor, or as a shelf used to hold her book up while reading!

The nursury is nearing completion. Becca spent hours planning out the paint to go on the wall before actually starting. She made a "scale model" of the wall in order to plan it out. As you can see, the time seems to have paid off.

Yesterday as she was planning which outfit to bring to the hospital, she agonized over what color to wear. The first outfit she wanted to bring would have clashed with the baby's outfit. A different outfit would not look good with her pained toenails ... women! I guess that is why she never asked my opinion as to what clothes to bring because I would have picked the ones closest to my hand.
Of course we are getting very excited for the baby to come. She is due on July 31 (Though if she would come on July 25 or June 1 that would fit better with my schedule:) We have chosen the name Alexia Rebecca Sharp, which will be her name unless she doesn't look like an Alexia or Ali or Lexi.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thanks for visiting!

Thanks for visiting our blog. We have not yet created any posts, but hope to start blogging soon. Come back another time!