Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall Family Fun!!!

I’m overdue for an update, I know. Here’s a recap of stuff. Beware – long post:

Most everyone was able to come to Lexi’s birthday party back in August. Even Jacob’s grandparents came, so it was a full house! Lexi loved all her presents – got really excited about some of them. When it was time to eat her adorable cake her Grandma Sharp made her, she wasn’t so sure about it. She kept getting frosting on her fingers, and wiping it all over her onesie. So funny. But, she did finally eat some of it, so that’s good.
I love this picture of Lexi. She was playing with balloons with her daddy, and got really excited when she saw me coming down the stairs.

Isn't that the cutest cake ever? Jacob's mom made it to look like Lexi's pink doggy that she sleeps with. Too bad Lexi had to mess it up!

Lexi started walking four days after her birthday. Her motivation was…an oreo! She got the hang of walking SO FAST! She toddled for a while, and now she’s been practically running all over the place! It amazes me how fast she can get into things now! She's even doing really well on the stairs. No major falls yet!!! (Keep your fingers crossed...)

Remember several months back when we were having such a rough time getting Lexi to sleep? She wasn't sleeping through the night well. She wasn't napping well. And I'm grateful to say that both of those things are pretty well resolved. She sleeps at least 10-11 hours a night. She naps once during the day, and it's usually a 1 1/2 - 2 hour nap. She usually doesn't cry for a long time before she falls asleep either, which is great!

I stopped nursing Lexi over a month ago. Lexi only had a hard time with it for about a week. Then, she was fine. It's so great to have my body back to normal! (Well, mostly anyway).

Other news - I ran a 5K last month. All my running partners are in the picture below. My three brothers, and mom, and two sisters-in-law ran with me. (Melissa, Shauntell, Joe, Sam, Mom Partridge, me and Will) I wrote all about my 5K on my personal blog I fully planned on keeping the running up afterwards. I’d like to run a 10K in the Spring. However, it’s too dark in the mornings and evenings when Jacob is home to watch Lexi. So, I’ve been thinking of getting a treadmill, so I can run during her naps. I really don’t want to give up this running thing. It wasn’t helping me lose any weight, but I was feeling so much more energy, and I loved it! So, I need to get back into it.

Jacob and I have lots of projects we've been working on. Two weeks ago, Jacob laid our patio. What a process! (Digging up the ground, spreading and compressing gravel, then sand, then the bricks). It looks so good! We have a bit more to do on the other side, but at least most is done. We'll be building shelves in our garage. Trying to sell two broken cars. Trying to kill our weeds, and get our grass to grow.

This summer, we’ve taken lots of family pictures. Some with Jacob’s family, some with mine. So, here are a few of the ones we took with our camera. The real ones are better.

The two loves of my life (above) ...aren't they so cute?

And for FHE on Monday, we went to a pumpkin patch down in Santaquin with our neighbors. It was so much fun! It was dark, and windy, and such a fun adventure picking out some pumpkins, and having a hay ride! We’ll definitely do that again!

I think that catches us up!