Wednesday, November 24, 2010


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For Halloween this year, we decided to do the Wizard of Oz. We wanted to find something that we could do all in the same theme. I had NO IDEA how common of a theme this is!!! (I swear!!!)

We dressed up for Jacob’s work party at Squire, and actually won the grand prize for the contest! We got a $50 gift card for it! That made it worth all the headache of making the costumes and wearing them that day.

Poor Jacob couldn’t even sit down anywhere. Couldn’t really help with a screaming baby, or a tantrum-throwing Lexi. And, his back was killing him that evening from having to be so stiff. But, it sure looked awesome!!!

And I wish Lexi would have co-operated with the photo-taking. She was supposed to be holding her basket with her little dog in it, but I ended up holding it while she scowled at the camera. Never underestimate the power of a good nap (which she missed that day!)

I love this shot of Tin Man and Dorothy in the dark. So cute!
- Rebecca


Britt-Marie said...

I am so impressed. Those are awesome costumes. You all look great!

Melissa Fisher said...

Way cool costumes Bec. I hadn't seem them yet. WOW. You both look great. Glad you won the prize. If not, I'd have to see the winners, cuz yours look amazing!! Way to go.